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Careful planning, camaraderie, reliable weapons - these were the WWII GI's necessities. Pinups provided a different kind of support, mentally transporting American soldiers from the perilous front lines into the accommodating arms of gorgeous, nude, or barely clothed women. Featuring art by such legendary pinup masters as Gil Elvgren, Billy DeVorss, Rolf Armstrong, and Zoe Mozert, this colorful collection commemorates the strange blend of innocence and erotica that characterized the 1940s pinup. Louis K. Meisel has gathered over 300 of the era's most striking images, arranged into six different themes from Nudes to Swimsuit and Seaside to Indian Maidens, Pirates, and Gypsies. Meisel's introduction expertly examines the idealized settings and dreamy drawings of a uniquely American icon.

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Jeepers Peepers A Gallery of American Pin Up Art

               Jeepers Peepers A Gallery of American Pin Up Art


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